ShadowBOX Gym

ShadowBOX gym is a 2-for-1 cardio and strength boxing studio located in the heart of George. The workouts are designed to slash inches off your waist, BLAST away fat, and sculpt total-body definition.

Are you looking for results? At ShadowBOX the workouts will build your strength and condition your body for a fitter, healthier you! Workouts are ALWAYS different, ALWAYS fun, and you are guaranteed of RESULTS!

ShadowBOX workouts typically run in four phases:
* Warm-up
* Strength, conditioning and fitness
* Focus mitts and bag punch drills
* Wrap-up, cool down and stretch

Whether you’re a beginner or as fit as a fiddle, throwing punches and kicks is something we can teach anyone to do! It’s easy to learn, will build your confidence and leave you feeling empowered!

There is NO full contact – we don’t hit each other, ONLY bags and mitts! Just bring gloves, skipping rope, a towel and lots of water!!!

WARNING!!! It’s effective AND addictive – and EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!

Contact Number:

Our Location:

146 Merriman St, Eastern Ext, George, 6529